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    How to Connect

    The official IRC room for Some Imagination Required is #simreq on the server irc.freenode.net.

    You can connect either using your own client or the website's built-in client, which is also linked to on the front page of the forum.

    Registering a Protected Nickname

    If you want to register a nickname on the IRC server, connect to the server and enter /nickserv help register. You will be given information on how to register your nickname with a password.

    Registering your nickname prevents other people from using it, and if you are chat staff it allows the server to recognize you as a valid operator of the channel.

    About Your Nickname

    By default, when you are connected to the server through the built-in client you will be given your forum username as your chat nickname, if possible.

    If you wish to change your nickname while on the server, you can type /nick newnamehere at any time and, if available, your nickname will be changed.

    If you want to always log in by default as a different nickname than your forum username, you can set this in your forum User CP in your Profile under the option "IRC Nickname Override." This alternate nickname will be shown in your forum profile as well.

    Note that the server will only accept valid nicknames. If the server rejects your nickname for any reason, an alternate will be provided as best as possible.

    Automatic Password Authentication

    If you have registered a nickname on the server with NickServ, you may enter your password in your Profile under "IRC Identify Password." This will only be shown to you. When you are logged in to the server through the built-in client, you will be authenticated using this password and your nickname at the time of connection. If this is valid, NickServ will recognize you automatically.

    Be aware that it is always safer and more secure to enter your password manually. Your passwords must be alphanumeric for auto-login to succeed.
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